Replacing Carpets in Calgary after Flooding

Many people are replacing carpets in Calgary after the extensive flooding in June. Heavy rains turned into catastrophic flooding that was considered the worst in the area’s history. Emergency operations were opened and communities were evacuated. Many people suffered the impact from this destructive flooding and want to get their homes back in order. Consider why it is important to replace carpets after a flood as opposed to cleaning them.

  • The Smell Lingers

Flooding causes a dank smell to form in carpets in Calgary. Unclean waters seep into the carpet and create a nasty odor. It is very difficult to completely get rid of this odor. The smell permeates throughout a home and causes feelings of nausea. Replacing the padding and carpeting ensures homeowners get rid of the nasty smell in their homes. Everything is refreshed and smells better again.

  • Mold Is a Major Problem

When carpets get drenched in flood water, mold may start to form. This mildew can begin to damage the padding and floors under the carpets in Calgary. Organic matter begins to form and build up in the carpeting. Often flood waters contain sewage matter and other undesirable elements. Infectious organisms start to grow in the carpet. Cleaning the carpet might not completely get rid of this detrimental matter. This could compromise the health of the people residing in the home. Replacing the carpeting and padding is the best way to get rid of the mold for a clean and healthy household.

  • Never Keep the Padding

Even if people decide to try to get the carpeting cleaned, the padding should always be thrown away and replaced. The padding gets soaked with dirty water during a flood. It is impossible to clean porous padding material. Always invest in new padding. If the carpet is cleaned, it should be removed from the premises by a professional cleaner and dried completely before it gets put down over the new padding.

  • The Dangers of Carpet Cleaning

Mold is notoriously bad for your health. However, certain cleaning agents can also cause people to have a bad reaction. Biocides used for cleaning carpets during a flood remediation can irritate the homeowners. To avoid exposure to this irritant, replace the carpeting and padding rather than trying to get it cleaned. Surviving a flood such as the one in Calgary is very challenging. Dealing with the damage becomes stressful and costly. Replacing carpets and padding is a necessary expense to protect the health of the residents in the home.


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